ceramic sand 36mesh for blasting glass

Ceramic Sand  is new eco-friendly blasting material, with the raw material of bauxite, coal, and so on. It is applied in Glass sandblasting and Abrasive tools. Ceramic sand is the substitute for Middle and low-intensity sand such as Quartz sand, glass balls, and metallic balls.

Ceramic Sand TDS


Ceramic Sand 36mesh for blasting glass

Al2O3 60-70%
SiO2 6-10%
Fe2O3 2-5%
TiO2 1.5-2%
MnO 3-5%
K2O 1-2%
CaO 1-2%

Physical Properties of Ceramic Sand

Shape Round
Color Yellow
Mohs hardness 6-7
Roundness 90%
Broke Rate 6%

Advantages of Ceramic Sand

  1. high hardness
  2. Good liquidity
  3. No dust
  4. Wear resistance
  5. the minimal mutual friction force
  6. Well-distributed size

Application of Ceramic Sand

  1. Used in sandblasting equipment
  2. Glass sandblasting
  3. Ceramic and ceramic tile sandblasting
  4. Abrasive tools sandblasting, dust removal
  5. Steel Tube sandblasting
  6. Steel Plate sandblasting
  7. Tank body sandblasting
  8. Radiators sandblasting
  9. Aluminum and magnesium die-casting and Zinc Aluminum Die-casting parts are sandblasting.
Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 1000 cm
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