ceramic sand advantages


1. Ceramic sand is spherical, smooth surface without damage to the workpiece, high hardness, long life, good elasticity, spray pills
Spraying pellets multi -angle rebound, which is very suitable for (metal, plastic) structural complex workpieces, while eliminating stress and lifting
The role of high workers’ fatigue life.
2. Ceramic sand can be used circularly, reducing the number of changes to improve production efficiency.
Dust, no metal pollution, cleaning and environmental protection, and no hidden dangers of silicon lungs can help employees good health.
3. Compared with glass spraying effects and higher smoothness levels, life expectancy is increased by about 20-30 times
4. Compared with the lower roughness of the steel pill iron spray pill, the non -iron pollution of the workpiece, the surface of the non -metallic powder residue workpiece, no bias
Color phenomenon restore metal nature.

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